State and Local Tax Incentives

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State and Local Tax Incentives

Many state and local hiring incentive programs exist similar to the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program. Cities will receive Enterprise Zone, Empowerment Zone (EZ) or Renewable Communities (RC) designations from the federal government. These zones allow employers to receive a tax credits for hiring individuals who live within a certain geographic location or are part of targeted groups. HIREtech's dynamic system will automatically check to see if your employees qualify for any and all location based programs.

Programs include:

  • Georgia Job Tax Credit
  • Florida Enterprise Zone Job Tax Credit
  • CAEZ/CA Employment Credit
  • Illinois Veteran
  • New York Youth
  • And many more

Each state has different eligibility requirements as well as individualized processes for securing the credits. The HIREtech platform can easily integrate most state programs in conjunction with your WOTC screening to maximize your results.

The HIREtech platforms provides HR professionals with real time data to make important decisions. The system dashboard is mobile friendly and gives HR and Financial executives the power to pull reports and view data in seconds.

HIREtech assists businesses in claiming the Work Opportunity Tax Credit in addition to numerous state and local incentives. For more information about how tax credits can make an impact on your tax liability call HIREtech at 844.HIREtec or email