Unemployment Claims Management

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HIREtech will help your company minimize your unemployment tax rates.

Over the last few years, unemployment has reached historically high levels that may have increased your workload while maintaining or even reducing your human resources staff. HIREtech’s Unemployment Claims Management service can relieve the burden on your staff while reducing your unemployment claims costs. Once our program is implemented, our process includes an Initial Review, Administration of Claims, Audit of Benefit Charges, Management of Unemployment Taxes, and Unemployment Claims Management.

The key to reducing these costs is to do things right with the initial claim. Our experienced staff will do away with the need for appeals and related assessed charges.

HIREtech Implementation

  • We will contact all relevant state agencies to change the address of record for communications. We will contact each of your locations to discuss how best to work together to ensure a smooth transition.
  • We will then review your current process and make the necessary adjustments to eliminate errors and file for relevant credits and refunds.
  • Proven claims administration is the cornerstone to successful tax rate reduction. Our experienced staff will work hand-in-hand with your staff to make sure that all claims are complete and submitted on time. Appeals will be filed where necessary.

Our seasoned attorneys will assist you in the preparation for any appeals hearing but also represent you in the hearing itself. This approach guarantees the best outcome for your company in the appeals process.

Benefit Charge Audits

Audits are performed by our specialists on your unemployment account to identify unwarranted charges. Once access is granted to your unemployment account, your personnel are free to continue their daily activities.

Unemployment Tax Management

Unemployment tax management has become increasingly important because of rising unemployment tax rates. Our staff will review annual tax rate notices and analyze records of your taxable wages and benefit charges against state agency data. Protests will be filed on your behalf when errors and discrepancies arise.

If your corporate structure changes, an analysis will be performed to determine the optimal approach to minimize your unemployment taxes.


Our reports will provide you with detailed claims activity information.
For more information about Unemployment Claims Management call 844.HIREtec or email info@HIREtech.com.