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HIREtech has been incredible to work with, and gone far above and beyond to meet our needs as a large franchisee. Their technology and customer service are by far the best of anyone I have dealt with in their industry. I love the fact that they are leading industry efforts to improve the WOTC program for business owners in D.C. They were able to increase our yearly credit in by $1mm last year and I anticipate that number to grow even more dramatically next year.

When we came over to HIREtech from our previous provider we had no idea about the amount of potential that existed through these programs. We now not only spend less time on these programs than before, but the benefits are much greater thanks to Paradigm’s system and account manager help!

After changing to HIREtech and seeing how they monitored compliance with their account manager system and added an additional level of screening, I started wondering what exactly our last provider did for us. The credits have increased and the work on our end has decreased.

We were working with HIREtech on the project. They go ahead and do all the background work and produce the study that supports the R&D tax credit which then allows us as the CPA firm for the client to go back and amend returns where necessary. Current returns and also projected tax savings in the future and so we work hand in hand. They do the study itself and we prepare all the amended return and incorporate their study into our current tax returns as well as future tax planning.

They were very responsive. They were very organized. They approached the client in a very systematic manner and they did a good job in follow through. And we were involved in the whole process because we were cc’d on their emails; a lot of their work sheets. Their work is fairly transparent – meaning we get a report that shows how they develop their work and what the results is and so we were very involved in the project.

I would say they were very timely and very responsive. To the extent the client was able to provide the information as requested. They were there to get it done.

I would recommend HIREtech. In fact they did such a good job for my client, I would recommend them to future clients. In fact, I’m already talking to them about a future client; my client has already referred them to six other vendors that he works with in his industry. I think that’s the ultimate compliment for the work done by a professional company. I was very happy with them.

Once we got HIREtech the information, it was an extremely fast process. Literally within a week of the time we gave them the go ahead and the information they needed. I think it was within that first week they were already back on site with two of their folks and we spent a grilling day of probably ten hours going through the information we had gathered and all the documentation as to the qualifications of the various projects. By the end of the day, that concluded all the information gathering that had to be supplied by WW Wood. From that point on, some meetings with the accounts and conference calls and just to make sure we had dotted our I’s and crossed our T’s and everybody had everything they needed prior to our IRS forms being submitted. Probably that whole process was done in less than two weeks.

As Tax Partner of a prominent Dallas CPA firm in Texas, we seek to work with only the best when introducing niche services such as HIREtech’s R&D Tax Credit Studies to our clients. After reviewing them as well as two of their competitors, we decided that HIREtech’s attention to detail, level of customer service and comprehensive in their reporting of client studies fit best within our desired model. We are extremely pleased with the R&D Studies that HIREtech has conducted for our existing clients and I would recommend their services to any qualifying client or CPA firm seeking to provide this substantial cash-back incentive to their clientele.

We had been taking the R&D Credit for many years. HIREtech was engaged to identify any incremental opportunities as well as substantiate the credits previously identified. Much to our pleasure, their engineers were able to identify substantial incremental opportunities which resulted in significant refunds and dollar-for-dollar reductions to our tax liabilities. We would highly encourage other companies to give HIREtech the opportunity to identify and substantiate any missed benefits.